Buy & Sell Used Gear

We have lots of great used and barely used instruments, PA gear, and more in the store! We use Ebay for the odds and ends kind of gear that we buy sometimes.

If you have gear you are looking to sell check out the following information to make your transactions with us easy.

  • We buy to resell
  • We use Ebay and/or Reverb to see what items are selling for not what people are asking for.
  • We offer about half of what the item is selling for
  • We may offer less if the item needs work, cleaning, repairs etc
  • We take all the risk when purchasing from you, the item may sit in our store for a while, but you get your $$ right away!
  • You will need ID for us to purchase from you. (City of SLO requirements)
  • We don’t buy everything offered, but we always like to see what you are selling

Now you have an idea of how it works, so please check out eBay or Reverb and get an idea of what you might want for your item then come on in and see us We Love Gear!


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